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A Legend in the Making

For years, the Bacon Q has held the unofficial title as the Rio Grande Valley's favorite taco. Why? Because it's a lot like us. Life in el Valle is unlike anywhere else in Texas – it's a mix of culturas y sabores, just like the Bacon Q is a delicious combination of hand-cracked eggs, cheese, refried beans, potatoes, and sizzling bacon, all wrapped up in a hot, hand-rolled tortilla.

That's exactly how this Valley favorite came to be. In 2004, Laredo Taco Company created a contest for local radio stations to see who could come up with the perfect name for this ultimate breakfast taco. The result was the Bacon Q, courtesy of KFRQ FM (yes, that's where the Q came from), and so the legend of the Bacon Q was born.


The Bacon Q. The taco that - just like el Valle - has it all.

En El Valle

You already know that the Bacon Q is one of the best-kept secrets of the Valley. But there are plenty of other “secrets” about the best place in Texas that only a local would know (and appreciate). Check ‘em out and see if you agree!

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Yes, everyone knows about South Padre for Spring Break. But what everyone else in the country doesn't know is that the beach is our backyard, and with South Texas' year-round warm temperatures, locals get to enjoy it 365 days out of the year.

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It's almost a law in the Valley that any local dish must be served muy caliente. And by muy caliente, we pretty much mean on fire. If it doesn't give your taste buds a major spice kick, you don't want it anywhere near your plate.

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It's an unspoken rule that if you set a time to be somewhere, you're gonna show up at least a half hour late. Because being fashionably late is actually considered being on time in the Valley. True story.

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Your football team just won? Honk your horn and celebrate! It's Sunday? Time for barbacoa! La pulga just opened? GET IN THE CAR! Let's face it, any excuse to have fun and celebrate here in the Valley is acceptable, because it's what we do and... why not?

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Want some rolas that set the perfect Bacon-Q-enjoying mood? Just like the Bacon Q, the classic combination of songs on this playlist are sure to get your taste buds (and earbuds) firing!

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