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25 Reasons Why We LOVE Selena

From selling out arenas to challenging the male-dominated mainstream Tejano music industry and impacting artists and fans from around the world – we wanted to share with you “25 Reasons Why We LOVE Selena!” We’re also including some of our favorite #SelenaStripesCup and Selena x Stripes Stores moments!

And who knows, you might just learn something new!

Reason #1

To celebrate 25 years of Selena’s Legacy, each cup commemorated Selena with the number 25 or XXV. Order now before they’re gone:

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Commemorative Collectible Selena Cups


Reason #2

Stripes Stores first launched the exclusive Selena Commemorative Cups in 2017 in select Stripes Stores in Texas. The 2017 collectible cups sold out across Texas in less than 45 minutes.

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2017 Commemorative Collectible Selena Cups


Reason #3

Selena was honored with her very own Google Doodle on October 17, 2017. It celebrates the same day, in 1989, when Selena released her first album, Selena.

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Selena Google Doodle


Reason #4

Then-Texas Governor George W. Bush declared April 16, 1995 as Selena Day.

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Selena in a white dress


Reason #5

Last year, MAC Cosmetics got into the Selena business by launching a makeup line inspired by the Tejano star's beauty. To everyone's surprise, the line sold out in stores AND online within 24 hours.

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Selena MAC Cosmetics line poster


Reason #6

Selena's iconic fashion and style. She ALWAYS dressed to impress.

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Selena dressed in cheetah print


Reason #7

Selena had not one, not two, but SEVEN number one hit songs on the Billboard Hot Latin Songs chart.

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Portrait of Selena


Reason #8

Forever known as the first two Selena cups from Stripes Stores, many Stripes Stores in Texas sold out in 20 mins.

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First two Stripes Store Selena Cups


Reason #9

Stripes Stores was one of the founding sponsors of Fiesta de la Flor. One year, Stripes Stores hosted a green screen photo booth of Selena and thousands of fans waited two hours to snap their picture with the Queen of Cumbia.

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Selena fan photo sponsored by Fiesta de la Flor


Reason #10

Selena was named the “Most Dominating Artist” in the 1999 edition of the Guinness Book of World Records.

Photo Credit:

Selena arms crossed


Reason #11

She was honored by the USPS in its Latin Music Legends Commemorative Forever Stamp Collection.

Photo Credit:

Selena Stamp


Reason #12

In 1987, Selena became a spokesperson for Coca-Cola.

Photo Credit:

Selena posing with Coke bottle


Reason #13

Selena’s 1990 album "Ven Conmigo" was recently inducted to the National Recording Registry of the Library of Congress.

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Selena holding microphone while performing


Reason #14

In 2017, she also received a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, making it even easier for fans to remember the singer.

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Selena's Star on Hollywood Walk of Fame


 Reason #15

In 2018, Stripes Stores released its second set of Selena Commemorative cups in most cities in Texas. The cups sold out in 2 ½ hours across the state.

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Commemorative Collectible Selena Cups Sold Out


Reason #16

In 2019, Stripes Stores released three new Selena Commemorative Cups.  The first look was known as the Queen of Cumbia.

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2019 Commemorative Collectible Selena Cups


Reason #17

A month later, Stripes Stores released “Selena Rose” and fans went wild with the lipstick red lid.

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Collectible Selena Rose Cups


Reason #18

In 2017, Quintanilla was honored with a wax figure at Madam Tussauds in Hollywood.

Photo Credit:

Selena Wax Figure


Reason #19

Selena's album "Ven Conmigo" was the first Tejano album to get gold status.

Photo Credit:

Selena laughing next to a reporter


Reason #20

Selena continues to inspire young girls across the world.

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Young girl holding a #SelenaStripesCup sign


Reason #21

Later that spring, the “Selena Forever” cup was released and became the most popular cup of the trio. Facebooks fans voted using emojis on the Stripes Stores Facebook page making “Selena Forever” (purple lid) the favorite cup of 2019.

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Fan favorite Selena Cup Emoji Vote

Reason #22

“Dreaming of You” is the best-selling Latin album of all-time in the United States.

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Selena's Dreaming of You album cover


Reason #23

Selena became the first female Tejano artist to win the Grammy award for Best Mexican/American album.

Photo Credit:

Selena in white dress at the Grammys


Reason #24

Every generation can't help but be inspired by the Tejano star. Countless of fans have discovered her music and she continues to inspire those young and old.

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Water color portrait of Selena


Reason #25

On September 25, Selena fans were treated to a limited-time-only Selena-inspired Slurpee drink for 25 hours at 25 cents. The iconic frozen drink featured the Latina icon and flavors reflective of Selena’s childhood memories.


“Selena loved cherry-flavored drink packets mixed with salt growing up," Suzette Quintanilla said. "She would create her own packets and would sell them to friends at school for 10 cents. She enjoyed the sour and salty taste the combination created and adding lime to this made the perfect combination for this special Slurpee drink. I have such great memories of us riding our bikes after school to get Slurpee drinks, so being able to create a Selena-inspired Slurpee drink for just 25 cents is our way to say 'Thank You' to all her fans that are remembering her with so much love."

Photo Credit:

Selena Sour Cherry with Lime and Salt frozen drink


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