Stripes Stores

Working for us is more than just a job – we’re committed to the advancement of our employees, and our many success stories prove it. Take a look for yourself.

Thelma DelgadoThelma Delgado
Director of Operation Services & Process Improvement

When Thelma Delgado joined the company in 1995, she figured the only thing she’d be able to do at a convenience store was to run a  cash register. Boy was she wrong!  Fast forward 18 years, and you’ll see Thelma is one of the most dedicated team members Stripes has. Thelma believes anyone can be successful if they are willing to take on new challenges and work hard. Taking on those new challenges are what have lead Thelma to her newest role within the Stripes family, Director of Operation Services & Process Improvement. For those who are considering Stripes as their place of employment, Thelma has one message, “Stripes is more than just a job. It’s a career and it’s family.” We couldn’t be happier to have Thelma as part of our Stripes family!


Diane HanffDiane Hanff
Area Manager

Diane Hanff started out as a part-time employee with Stripes, just trying to supplement her income as a kindergarten teacher. But Diane doesn’t do anything “part-time.” She has become one of the most dedicated and hard working employees at Stripes, and she’s always willing to do what it takes to get the job done. This drive is what is has taken her from working in one store to managing the Waco/Temple/Killeen area, where Diane has opened and manages 8 stores with several more in the building process. We asked her what she would tell someone who is thinking of changing their career path. She says, “Give Stripes a chance and you’ll be happy you did…you’ll want to stay here until you retire!”


Erika RoblesErika Robles
Special Projects

You might say that dedication and determination come naturally to Erika Robles. When she was just eleven, her dad told her that in order to drive the family car, she had to teach herself to drive the family tractor first. Well, she succeeded, and pushing herself and others to achieve has been one of Erika’s trademarks ever since.

Erika joined Stripes in 1995 as an entry-level sales associate, and immediately took to our fast pace, friendly co-workers and customers, and opportunities for advancement. We took to Erika as well: it took her just a year to become an assistant manager, then another two years to become a store manager, running her own store by 1998. She was hired away from us in 2002, but she couldn’t stay away. Erika re-joined the company in 2003, was promoted to Area Manager in 2004, became Division Manager in 2010, and is now a Special Projects Manager. Erika’s secret? Best to ask her: “The convenience store industry is not easy. It requires passion, courage, patience, lots of attention and dedication. But Stripes offers great benefits, a great future and it’s the right company to be with if you want to succeed and help others to succeed.” Well said, Erika.


Marisa CavazosMarisa Leal - Cavazos
Human Resources Trainer

Who knew that when Marisa Leal - Cavazos was looking for a part-time job to get her through college, she would find a career that would span the next 10 years, and counting! What started out as a sales associate job in one of our stores has urned into a career training employees in hundreds of stores. This is the first job she ever had, and she credits her fellow employees as one of her favorite reasons to be here.  She also enjoys the little extra perks that come with being a part of our family…family picnics, anniversary celebrations and the great camaraderie.  As hard as Marisa works, she also loves spending time her family and taking in a little hockey.

Marisa’s advice for someone looking for employment with our company…think long term!


Tom HudsonTom Hudson
Senior Area Manager

Tom Hudson credits his positive attitude as one of the reasons he has been so successful within the Stripes family. He’s got some advice for someone looking to join the Stripes team, “don’t pigeon hole the convenience store industry, because it is a very versatile industry with lots of opportunities.” We couldn’t agree more, and Tom’s story is a great example. Tom is not only helping to create a great work environment at Stripes, he also works to create great community. He makes sure to help out with organizations such as Children’s Shelter, Crime Stoppers and his high school booster program. As for his favorite Laredo Taco Company food item, Tom says you can’t beat a chorizo and egg taco!